Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Open Mausoleum with visible Coffins in the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI thought this would make a boo-tiful image to accommodate Halloween. If that day had the same importance in Argentina as it has in North America, the cemetery in Recolata would be a great place to find plenty of really good scares. I guess this is what Halloween is all about -- celebrating the fear and the darkness, right? Well, in Argentina Halloween is neither a tradition, nor is it very popular. It is considered a gringo thing. But wait, Halloween's popularity is constantly growing and I think it will find its way to Argentina by the backdoor. Thus you will definitely find some parties and events tonight in Buenos Aires.
Anyway, Happy Halloween (if you celebrate it)!


Julie said...

great image for halloween. I posted a photo today on my site from the Recoleta cemetery to celebrate halloween. you will like it i think. Happy halloween. said...

Recoleta Cemetery is the best in the world. By far. And it would be a perfect place for Halloween.

Carrizo said...

En mi tierra Halloween es conocido sólo unos años. Tenemos nuestras propias fiestas, pero la fiesta a la estilo americano ha gañado poco a poco.

Un saludo.

Martina said...

Halloween isn't a tradition in Germany too, but it found its way through the backdoor (money, i.e. marketing) some three four five years ago.
I suppose this might happen to Argentina too.

Cemeteries make good photo locations - they are one big memento mori and make us think and ponder.

Luis Gomez said...

It is a nice picture of the cemetery.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Greetings from Australia.
I like it. Initially I thought this was a Church because of the Crucifix. An unusual cemetery - I gather those brown pots are not just pots for decoration.

We don't celebrate halloween in Australia either, although businesses wish it so (more profit in their pockets) and we have unfortunately seen it pushed and advertised over the past number of years.
Melbourne Daily Photo

peenkfrik said...

Happy Halloween! I was expecting to see some gargoyles too on this building. They must be on the other side huh.

Andreea said...

A very atmospheric shot. We don't celebrate Halloween in Romania either although, of course, some bars and clubs are organizing "Halloween parties". But everything is kept on a very small scale.