Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Street Art Scene of Buenos Aires

Street Art in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina
I've seen a lot of graffiti and urban street art around the globe but the scene of Buenos Aires turns out to be the funniest and happiest of all. If you walk with open eyes through the city you will find a lot of these colorful art works. Whatever you may think about graffiti, the reputation of those urban paintings is pretty bad and they are polarizing people. What do you think? Is graffiti art or just an urban scourge?


Sharon said...

Some is art and some is scourge, it just depends.

I haven't been to your site all week (busy week) but loved all the pictures. When I was there I took the Buquebus to Colonia for a thoroughly enjoyable day. I didn't know about the Casa Rosada tour or I would have gone. Next time! And, your photo of vacant urban spaces made me chuckle. When I was there, one of the things I noticed most was all the electrical wires going in all directions and criss-crossing. I found that amazing because in the US above ground wires are in nice neat rows but most are burried underground.

I love watching your site.

Gauteng said...

I'm glad to have found this blog. I would certainly visit Buenos Aires one day.

Jacob said...

There is no question that some of the graffiti people are quite skilled. There is also no question that some of the "art" they produce is funny.

But, people do not have the right to deface property that does not belong to them. That's criminal behavior.

Now, if these so-called artists want to bring their own canvas and arrange to stack it up around town, that's fine.

But don't draw all over what belongs to someone else.

Great shot, though, and thanks so much for stopping by The Villages DP!

Jacob said...

Oops! I forgot to tell you the good news - you've been TAGGED!

Please go to Ocala Daily Photo to learn all about this honor!


Have a great day!

marieloupe said...

Thanks for joying my blog! I love Buenos Aires very much. Its a beautiful city. Come often to share our impressions.



VEB wortfeile said...

what a honor(chse). i love street art. it is the color of the cities.

That is the chicken said...

I like this graffiti but I guess if it's your proprty it's not so good. It's better than the angry words graffiti you so often see though.