Friday, May 1, 2009

Shadow on the Wall in Buenos Aires

Fascinating play of light and shadow on blank car park wall in Buenos Aires
This blank wall would be deadly dull and meaningless if it not were for the magic of light and shadow. The sun light in Buenos Aires is mostly excellent and you will often stumble upon such fascinating patterns of brightness and obscurity. The wall is symbolically being baptized by a gorgeous interplay of light. I chose this picture as my contribution to the Shadow Theme Day on City Daily Photo.

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lachezar said...

Nice shot! Did the architect relay on the shows to live its building? who knows! Cheers!

slim said...

and well chosen it is. The building acts like a canvas. I watch shadows play in my house all the time. In hindsight I probably should have posted one of those pictures . . .dah!

peenkfrik said...

I'd say the sun was your friend when taking this shot. Well done!