Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Flag Memorial in Rosario

Monument to the national flag of Argentina in Rosario at night
Not far away from Buenos Aires, Rosario is located on the shores of the Río Paraná. Rosario is considered the origin of the national flag of Argentina. One of the most flamboyant landmarks of the city is the Monumento Nacional a la Bandera, a memorial and a museum entirely dedicated to the Argentine flag. Every night the monument is illuminated in Argentina's national colors: sky-blue and white.


Hilda said...

Wonderful, electric colors!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The monument is stunning! It certainly is a show stopper. ;-)

Kitty said...

congrats on your relatively new photo blog!

My boyfriend Mark is going to BA next week for work. He's been there before and has nothing but great things to say about it, especially the food!

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Thanks Kitty, I'm happy you enjoyed my blog.

Indeed, the food is great in Buenos Aires. The most important thing for me, however, are the people. They are VERY hospitable and helpful. I love the Argentines!

PS: Good luck to your boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

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