Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet the Carteleros

Carteleros Sticking Posters on a Wall in Shopping Street Calle Florida in Buenos Aires, Argentina
I met these friendly gentlemen in downtown Buenos Aires while they were sticking posters on walls in the shopping street Florida. They aroused my attention because they were working together hand in hand so well, emphasizing what teamwork is all about. Both were accurate, precise, and pretty fast. It was just half a minute and the whole wall was done. As soon as they recognize me they began to pose to give me a chance to picture them. The posters, by the way, announce a concert with Rolando Paz, "Chato" Arizmendi and Ariel Puchetta to end the year with Latin music. Well, I'm not familiar with any of these musicians but I suppose they are popular in Uruguay because it seems the event is specifically aiming at Uruguayos living in Buenos Aires. Thank you for the picture, guys!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Waiting for the Signal to Come

White Noise on a Public TV Screen at the Subteráneo Station
Buenos Aires is awash with public TV screens. Like it or not, you will encounter them virtually everywhere. One might think these screens are entertaining while waiting for the next train but in fact it's just annoying. One would wish that all these blatant screens would snooze soundly for awhile. The TV screen in this picture is obviously waiting for a signal to get back to broadcasting. The rather quiet specimen caught my attention exactly because it was so silent and waiting for a signal. Whenever I see this white noise image I kind of feel reminded of my childhood. I remember that I sometimes imagined those black and white dots were fighting each other and there was not a ghost of a chance of winning for either side.

The first of the month has arrived, and it is City Daily Photo Theme Day. December 2009 theme day is Waiting. If you like to see other interpretations of this subject Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.