Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Demonstration Around the May Pyramid

Running into public demonstrations is quite common in Buenos Aires, Argentina
A group of young people marches around the May Pyramid holding a giant banner during a demonstration in Plaza de Mayo. The Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires has always been a hub for political activities in the past, as well as today. Running into a public demonstration is quite common in this historic area.


Anonymous said...

Good capture! I can almost hear them yelling their slogans.

Sharon said...

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to visit your site until today. You have some great photos here. I know exactly where the Plaza de Mayo is and I recognized the street scene in San Telmo. Very nice!

Bob Crowe said...

Thanks for your comment on St. Louis Daily Photo. My wife and I love Argentina and Buenos Aries in particular. We have had the pleasure of visiting twice and hope to be back next February. I have a set of photos from Argentina on Flickr - link on my blog sidebar. This photo shows people full of emotion for a cause. I like that the woman in the foreground is dressed in the colors of the flag. Argentina has one of the most beautiful flags in the world, the colors of the heavens.

Abe Lincoln said...

I like this post. It is a fitting reminder of each country and how we celebrate.

Kitty said...

what was the demonstration about?
I like seeing people politically active. For much too long, many people were complacent in the US.

looks warm there!

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

If someone would ask me about my favourite flag. I'd say the Argentine!

Actually, I don't know what the demostration was about. My Spanish sucks! By the way, it is autumn right now in Argentina and it is not so hot anymore in Buenos Aires.