Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day - Climate Change

After a Bushfire in the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Today is Blog Action Day, an annual event that unites the world's bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. This year's subject is climate change.

There's is absolutely no doubt that saving energy and reducing carbon footprints are a must, not a choice. However, we must not stop thinking for ourselves. The ongoing debate about global warming and climate change is highly emotive and often dominated by a doctrinaire approach. Sadly, the controversy has become a one-way ideology, a question of believe rather than a matter of facts and knowledge which makes the exchange of arguments in a public discourse almost impossible.
The history of climate change is as old as the earth itself. There are serious reasons to think of global warming as a natural process or, in other words, the periodic cycles of cooling and warming alternate over time. It is most likely that the sun has a much greater impact on our climate than mankind. In fact, the earth is not the only planet that experiences a permanent climate change. Another fact is that after World War II the earth experienced a cold period while the carbon dioxide exhaustion exploded. Why are these and many other facts and data stubbornly ignored? Moreover, why are serious scientists who submit critiques and rebuttals attacked? I think a hysteric debate won't solve anything. What is your opinion?

PS: The picture was taken in the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve in Buenos Aires. The damage was a result of a bush fire in 2009. The area is already recovering. Climate change has nothing to do with it.


R.Ferrari said...

Queimadas. Sempre destruição. Belo registro.

Jacob said...

Serious scientists are attacked in many cases by religionists who want to take the Bible literally and cannot come to believe that their god would let anything bad happen to the earth.

Others attack serious scientists because they don't want to give up the enormous profits their destructive ways generate...

And it's not just "serious" scientists who are screaming about climate change; it's 99.999 % of all scientists...the only ones who aren't screaming are those on the payroll of companies who pollute as a matter of course!

Ooops... I'm starting to preach. I didn't know today was Blog Action Day! Damn!

Anyway, this is a powerful photo for the day!

Wolynski said...

As you say, climates have changed since the beginning of time.
We have more pressing priorities than arguing over climate change, like stopping wars and poverty. The hungry don't give a rat's ass about climate change. Global warming is a preoccupation of the privileged.

B SQUARED said...

Sadly, it is becoming like the Crusades;believe or else! I grew up on the shores of Lake Erie. It was so polluted that scientists thought it might take thousands of years to undo the damage. Guess what? It has a commercial fishing industry and is pure enough to drink;and that is in less than 30 years. Nature is a wonderful thing. Man seems to think he is above it instead of part of it.

peenkfrik said...

Climate changes but drastic changes seem to be another thing.

Be it just a theory or something really going on, what we can do is become responsible and more considerate in our actions.

Jacob said...

@ Wolynski - I respectfully disagree. Climate change is right now creating problems for people in countries by the seas. Rising seas in certain areas are leading to a desperate search for a place to move whole populations.

Risings seas are already creating huge problems for which the world is woefully prepared. And the result will be not only displacement, but sickness and disease and more poverty.

Global warming is happening much faster than previously thought. I do not know why this every became a political issue or political football. The huge majority of scientists in the world are in agreement.

They disagree only on the issues of when and where.

The last I saw, the group of scientists that monitor this stuff around the world, say it's all happening so fast that by 2012 the beaches in Southeast Florida will be flooded!

We've been fooling around too long. Action needs to be taken now. It may be too late, at that.

AB said...

In one respect blogs and the internet are bad for the climate change. They show me lots of interesting places around the world which I naturally want to visit, much to the detriment of my carbon footprint.

Andreea said...

You're wright about the discussion becoming a question of believe rather than a matter of facts and maybe that's because politicians brought it into the political arena (especially in the USA) and now nobody can talk about it without getting like you said highly emotive.

I had no idea about the Blog Action Day, it's a good initiative.