Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Zen Way of Parking

Buddha Parking in the Palermo Neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Everyone can practice Zen Buddhism in any desired way. Buenos Aires, however, offers one more possibility: Buddha parking! As every Buddhist already knows, the Zen way is the complete opposite of the common western mantra. Buddhists neither try to dominate other people nor do they try to control events. Kudos!
But still, I don't get it. Do they really park differently, too? Marketing ploy or legit?


Per Stromsjo said...

Imagine that. Striving for the fullness of harmony in parking.

Yet another urban mystery.

Clueless in Boston said...

Maybe they charge less, but require a zen koan in return? :)

Steffe said...

Maybe a blessing of the cars for good luck is included in the price.

Jacob said...

Some of those parking ramps get a little maybe a bit of Buddhist meditation might calm people down and cool some tempers.

Other than that, I don't get it. Funny shot. Never seen anything quite like it!

Are there plantings up high?

Bob Crowe said...

Would a Buddhist be driving a car in the city center or using public transportation?

Where is this? Do you know where Buddha Parking I is? I have to check this out when I'm in your town in several months.

AB said...

Peace of mind when you leave your car there?

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

I couldn't see the rooftop of this building but rooftop greenings are not too rare in this area of Buenos Aires. In this parking garage everything is about coolness, image and trend. They charge you a fortune for that.

It's in Palermo Hollywood and you made a very good point. As Buddhists grow in compassion and simplicity they might rather use public transport instead of a private car. Actually, I guess they would walk. I let you know when I found Buddha Parking I. It may take a while because I'm walking. (;

Thanks for all the comments. Have you heard of Buddha Bar and Buddha Sounds etc? Buddha Parking seems to be the logical continuation. (:

B SQUARED said...

Your guess is as good as mine. I love the name, however.

Prospero said...

I think it's an oxymoron.

Victoria said...

I leave one block away. It's located on Carranza and El Salvador on the neibourhood Palermo Viejo, now sadly called Palermo Hollywood. It's quite cheap for the actual market.

Sory for my bad englishhhhh. I am from Buenos Aires.

Anonymous said...

Me like, very very nice. Maybe one gets blessings from the Buddha statue, while driving inwards to the parking area?