Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Commemoration of the 57th Anniversary of the Death of Evita Perón

Principal Remembrance Plate on the Mausoleum of Evita Peron in the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Today is the 57th anniversary of María Eva Duarte de Perón's death. The principal remembrance plate to honor her was attached to the mausoleum of her family in 1982; 30 years after Evita had died. It says (roughly translated):

Q.E.P.D. (Que En Paz Descanse)
1952, 26 de Julio - 1982
No me llores perdida ni lejana,
yo soy parte esencial de tu existencia,
todo amor y dolor me fue previsto,
cumplí mi humilde imitación de Cristo,
quien anduvo en mi senda que la siga.

RIP (Rest in Peace)
1952, 26 of July - 1982
Don't cry for me being lost and distant,
I'm an essential part of your existence.
All love and pain for me were predetermined,
I accomplished my humble emulation of Christ.
Who pursued my example shall carry on!
Her Disciples


AB said...

The line about Christ reminds me of Berlusconi. I guess it must be one of those traditions the Argentinians inherited from the Italians.

B SQUARED said...

Hard for some of us to comprehend the impact she had.

Per Stromsjo said...

History is important. I wonder what we could learn from her life.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Amazing that Eva has been gone that long already!

Jacob said...

It would appear that Ms. Peron is still revered in Argentina?

Very interesting.

Prospero said...

A beautiful commemoration.

Bob Crowe said...

Thank you for mentioning this. The tomb is full of other memorials and, to me, they all felt like sincere feelings of the Argentine people. My other favorite tomb in BsAs is Gardel's in Chacarita.