Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buenos Aires Skyline versus Biodiversity

Buenos Aires Skyline, View from Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, Argentina
The Buenos Aires skyline is relatively young and yet incomplete. The best view is either directly from the Río de la Plata or from the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve as in this case. This huge peaceful morsel of nature was formed by landfill from demolished buildings during the 1970s. Since then it developed itself into a biodiversity hotspot. It's ornithologist's paradise and an important bird area. Sadly, the biggest threat to this park is the skyline itself that comes ever so close. Let's hope the property sharks will keep their greedy hands off the nature reserve.


Jacob said...

A wonderful photo of your beautiful city ... and the ecological reserve. I agree re: the developers, but it's the elected officials here that allow the developers to do what they wish with the land and the developers pay the elected officials (campaign contributions) the people generally get the short end of the stick with concrete paving over paradise!

AB said...

Good photo - the pink colout makes for an even greater contrast between the foreground and the background.

Andreea said...

Beautiful photo, it inspires peace and quiet, despite the urban background.

I hate it when developers try to take over every piece of green land that they find. It's the same story in Bucharest. If they would be left to their own, there will be no park left in my city. To these people money is everything.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I like the contrast of city and countryside. Yes, I hope it doesn't get built upon but what are the chances?

peenkfrik said...

I like this shot. Blue skies are aways beautiful to me.

Nature is only a sight away from the busy city.