Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cama Suite for Overnight Bus Travel

Cama Suite, First Class Bus Travel Overnight on Long Distances in Argentina
Argentina is so huge that either an internal flight or an overnight bus is the most practical way to get around. Long distance bus providers offer some of the most luxurious and comfortable busses in the world. Taking an intercity bus is like flying. Logically, the higher the category you book the better the service and comfort will be. The most comfy but still affordable option is the cama suite (this is equivalent to flying business class). There will be food & beverages served by a steward/stewardess and you get entertained with a video and audio program. There are many other comfort classes so there's something for every budget. An overview and description of the comfort classes can be found here.


BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Now that is my kind of travel - those bus seats look as comfy as they are luxurious. And being served food and drink too.
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Rob and Mandy said...

Looks more like 1st class to me!

Andreea said...

The buses I took in Argentina didn't have cama suite but even semi-cama was better than everything I've seen in my travels. Like I said on the previous post, A+ as buses go.

peenkfrik said...

I used to travel long hours back in my college days but I never got the chance to sit on something as comfy as this. The just looks very expensive.