Friday, September 11, 2009

La Boca - Barrio Bonito?

Nike Barrio Bonito Advertising Mural La Boca Buenos Aires, Argentina
I have no idea how old this advertisement really is but it exemplifies the weird world of Nike. Calling the neighborhood of La Boca a beautiful quarter borders on cynical manipulation. When street crime is prevalent, environmental pollution is evident, and poverty is overwhelming, can this area still be called a Barrio Bonito? Well, this is something I personally cannot fathom. However old this advertising mural may be, the situation in La Boca existed long before. How far can marketing freaks live from reality?


Jacob said...

Nike is noted for this kind of stuff...they make shoes by hiring people to work long hours for pennies a which cost very little and then sell them for hundreds of dollars.

Like so many companies, reality or truth seldom enters into their scramble to make another buck.

Hernando said...

This campaign starts in 2006.

The brazilians teams are used to be called " Jogo Bonito " because how they play. Its the same idea.
I think theytried to reprensent La Boca Culture here and how the people live.
I think is part of what the word Bonito means in Spanish.It represents more than cute, nice, beauty and so on.

Cannes 2007 Video.

Prospero said...


AB said...

Hope springs eternal.

Per Stromsjo said...

Or maybe the message is that every place would shine more brightly if we all just could agree to wear a certain brand?

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Hmmm. I don't think marketing and reality go together. Most marketing is pure fantasy, which unfortunately many people believe is reality.

Wolynski said...

All advertising spins fantasies to sell overpriced crap. This one is more ironic than most.