Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cinema of Argentina

Motion picture shooting in the busy shopping street Calle Florída in Downtown, Buenos Aires
And ... Action! Recently, I was watching the filming of some scenes for an Argentine motion picture. I really like the Latin American Cinema for all its imperfection and lack of special effects. The Argentine film tends often to be sentimental and mostly political and it is primarily concerned with the social aspects of the Argentine society and culture. One of the most depressing movies I've ever seen was "Garage Olimpio" (1999) which is about the brutal Dirty War of the military Junta against the Argentine people between 1976 and 1983. Another and, by the way, Academy Award (Oscar®) winning movie about what happened in that era is "The Official Story" (1985) by Luis Puenzo. However, there is a broad variety of movies from drama to comedy. Nowadays, movies such as "XXY" by Lucía Puenzo and "Encarnación" by Anahí Berneri arouse international attention. Of course, there are plenty of other movies that were shot in Buenos Aires.
And, yes, the camerawoman is pregnant.

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Yohan Rodriguez-Valdez said...

I really agree with you on the imperfections of Latin American movies and lack of special effects. You get more drawn by the story and characters in those movies compared to American film where you sometimes tend to notice the effects more than whats actually going on in the film.