Monday, March 23, 2009

Older Cars Can Suffer Major Problems

Car repair shop near the Avenida Cordoba in the Almagro neighborhood, Buenos Aires
Porteños usually are not really passionate about their cars. Cars are designed to be used and so they do. The cars are driven till they fall apart. That's bad news for the car industry and new car dealers but good for you, car mechanics! The auto repair shop in the picture specializes in car electrics and A/C work.


Ludmila said...

Hi =)
I was born in, and live in Buenos Aires and I can tell you that there are MANY people crazy about cars... The fact that you can see old cars is because there are also many people who can't afford a new one. But there's no doubt that they would LOVE to have a brand new car...
Cars aren't designed nowadays to last forever. Those were the times of the old Chevrolet and the others, which materials were really resistant...
What is true is that in Argentina we are not used to buy things thinkin about throwing them away when a prittier item comes out.
No offense! I felt like I had to comment this :)

And, talking about the "colectivos" -most of us call them "bondis", why is it striking that each line has its own design? =P Where are you from? What's you name? ahahaha xD

WOW I guess the photo "tipa tree avenue in buenos aires" was taken REALLY near my house xD hahah!

Oh, btw, it's really nice to read a foreign writter talking about your city =)



Anonymous said...

I'm from Buenos Aires too and is exactly as Ludmila says. People love their cars and would like to have more than one if possible.
It's much much more difficult for an Argentinean to buy a car than for an American. Not only because prices are in USD and our salaries in pesos (ARS), but also because used cars prices are pretty close to those of new ones.

Cool pics!